Reviews – Wedding dance


Valentina is so lovely, we loved working with her💖

Kincső Kovács, Prague, April 2024


We very quickly decided on a wedding dance course. It was the best decision, because it was a great joy under the guidance of the lecturer Valentina Vajrauchová. Amazing approach and set-up according to our ideas. We recommend and thank you.

Adam Brázda, Praha, August 2023


We came to the wedding dance course as complete strangers, all fears disappeared immediately after getting to know our lecturer Maruška. We would like to thank you once again for your patience and compilation of the dance steps. It was absolutely perfect with you and we believe that our first wedding dance will be unforgettable for us mainly thanks to you ❤️ Thank you

Romana Innemanová, Praha, August 2023


We chose the dance school for the wedding dance course and were absolutely delighted with the approach of our lecturer Mr. Rázek. My partner and I had no experience with dancing at all. With Mr. Rázek, it was a piece of cake, he is incredibly pleasant, he always cheered us up with his incredible energy. Even after the crash course, we managed our wedding dance with incredible brilliance. With this, we want to thank Mr. Rázka once again for teaching us something wonderful even in such a short time, thank you ❤️ So if you are considering attending this course, I can recommend it to you with a pure heart, you will be delighted.

Sabina Maďar Böhmová, Praha, June 2023


Perfect cooperation, lots of fun and the final dance was perfect. Thank you!

Marek Tóth, Praha, July 2023


We were more than satisfied with the lecturer Zuzka, everything was perfect. We will definitely continue to recommend and there is not a single thing we would change so thank you!

Eva Ortová, Praha, May 2023


I would like to take this opportunity to thank your lecturer Vojta 🙂 We had several wedding dance lessons with him, the last one last week. The wedding is already over and thanks to his guidance, we managed the dance well. I would especially like to thank him for his attitude – even though we were definitely not exemplary students and had no time at all for training, he patiently attended to us in every lesson, always went through the dance with us again and gave very stimulating advice and tips on how to make the dance more beautiful and natural . The lineup was great – even if it was a bit of a challenge with the siding 🙂 We will be happy to recommend your school, we were completely satisfied.
Thank you once again.

Sára Nejedlá, Praha, June 2023


Lecturer Lucie came up with a beautiful first dance for our wedding during one shortened lesson and was able to teach us everything in that moment. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful moments of life. Thanks a lot.

Michal Geyer, Praha, May 2023


We want to thank you very much. With this choreography, you fulfilled our wishes and expectations to the letter! Now we’ll just have to learn it 🤔😁

Hana Sušilová, online, May 2023


Ještě jednou mockrát děkujeme za krásný tanec, který jste pro nás vymyslela. Byl to skvělý moment a skvělý zážitek. 😊 Krásnější svatbu jsme si ani nemohli přát, bylo to skvělé. Mockrát děkujeme ❤️

Praha, May 2023


We attended a wedding dance lesson with teacher Vítek. I would like to thank you, we really liked the lesson, he put together a beautiful simple choreography for our song. He took into account the place where the dance will take place, the wedding dress, the choice of song and our dancing options. We were worried about the wedding dance, now we are looking forward to it.

Pavla Peňázová, Praha, April 2023


We have a great experience with practicing the first dance for the wedding and Ms. Kristýna. From zero experience, we learned the entire dance with choreography in 3-lessons.

Lenka Kubičová, Praha, duben 2023


Thank you very much for your time, it really improved our wedding and we will be happy to recommend you!

Honza a Monika Podlipský, Praha, September 2022


We would like to thank Kristýna Mücková for the beautiful wedding dance she invented for us and helped us rehearse it. Despite the fact that we remembered practising the dance with not too much notice, the communication from the beginning was very nice and fast. Ms. Christine came up with a dance to the music we chose and helped us rehearse the choreography. She recorded the dance on her phone so we had something to practise from at home. The resulting dance was a hit with the wedding guests and we were really happy with it. Kristýna, thank you very much and we definitely recommend your services. We enjoyed not only the result but also the lessons themselves. Thank you.

Lucie a Roman Chvapilovi, Praha, November 2019


I would like to thank the dance school for everyone, especially Kristyna and Vladimir for a great routine for our first newlywed dance. The dance at the wedding was a great success and we enjoyed it very much. I would definitely recommend using their services if you want to be original.

Pavlína Vondrášková,
Praha, September 2019


Thank you very much for putting together the wedding choreography. All the wedding guests were absolutely blown away and we enjoyed the first newlywed dance. I highly recommend your dance school to anyone who is thinking about using your services!

Kateřina Langerová,
Praha, September 2019


Thank you for the wedding dance of Mrs. Kristyna Muck. It was great and we had a great success.

Praha, November 2019


The dance was a huge success and we would like to thank you once again for your cooperation with us, which was absolutely perfect. No one expected such a dance and everyone was impressed by the interesting combination of classical dances with funny sketches.

Praha, August 2019


Kristýna has been working with us from beginners for several years with great patience and this year she trained wedding dances with us. I admire immensely the speed and imagination with which she puts together choreographies. You give her a song, she plays it twice and has a clear idea of how she’s going to put it together. She and Vitek are amazing coaches and they also teach in English. They chose the name Dance School For All because I feel like they can teach a wooden elephant to dance 🙂

Praha, August 2019


Highly recommended when choosing for your newlywed dance. The choreography that the instructor came up with was amazing and we had great success. We loved her professionalism and friendly approach.

Praha, August 2019


We made the right decision in choosing the tutors for our 1st newlywed dance. Professionalism and kindness are top priority. We definitely recommend 🙂

Praha, July 2019


We thoroughly enjoyed the dance and our guests praised it very much. Thank you very much and we wish many skilful couples.

Praha, July 2019


We enjoyed the dance very much and apart from the beginning (we came from the wrong side), it was a good one and the guests praised it. Many thanks again and wishes for many skillful couples!

Praha, June 2019


Like any couple planning a wedding and wanting everything to be perfect, we wanted our first wedding dance to be something special, not just a classic side-to-side crawl. One day, a link to the School of Dance popped up on my Facebook page, so I didn’t hesitate to immediately check out the details on the website. After a few sceptical hints from my husband, when he countered that in 2 lessons he, as a non-dancer of these styles, had no chance of learning anything, he nodded. The first dance we chose was to the song When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating.
Our dance lessons were led by the trainer Kristýna Mucková, who was really very pleasant and so the initial stage fright soon subsided. She listened to our song and straight away created a tailor-made routine. The second lesson we repeated everything, fine-tuned the details and then just practised at home until the wedding day. On the D-day our dance was an incredible success and we thoroughly enjoyed it. With this I would like to thank Mrs. Kristýna that our day was also unforgettable thanks to her and her work.

Praha, August 2018


Thank you very much for the dance. The dance teachers, very pleasant professionals, tailored the dance for us. The wedding guests were thrilled, they were not expecting such a surprise, so I definitely recommend using the dance school, it was a great memorable experience for us and for the guests.

Praha, August 2018


We chose this dance school to compose and practice our 1st wedding dance and did very well. Both the instructors and the approach were on a professional level. They fine tuned every single detail with us. Our 1st wedding dance was flawless and truly fabulous thanks to this dance school. We would definitely recommend it. 🙂

Praha, July 2018


We were awarded to present our services at a wedding fair. In cooperation with Bohemian Salsa we taught visitors of the Diplomat Wedding Fair for two days. The lessons took place on the main catwalk and in the ballroom, where we had the opportunity to have a lot of fun and experience the wedding feast together in a dance rhythm.

Praha, March 2018


Kristýna, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and my husband for your approach and your patience during wedding dance training. With your help, we, our family and friends could enjoy our wedding day even more. Our dance, which we practiced with you, was a great success, even though you had to go through the very basics with us. The lessons with you were inspiring for us and thanks to them we gained a relationship with dance and we will continue with the lessons. Thank you very much and we look forward to it.

Praha, August 2017


The first dance should be an essential part of every wedding. I personally hate weddings where a song comes on and without any preparation or idea of what song is going to be playing, the newlyweds start dancing something they learned in dance classes back in the day… I dreaded that. That’s why I found the School of Dance for All. Not only were the lessons fun, but it was the only time in the pre-wedding hustle and bustle that we had time to ourselves. Krista and Vitek have both been amazing teachers and friends to us. We’ve been taking the dance for about seven months and it’s been great. Too bad we didn’t have time to do more dancing with Krista and we rehearsed the waltz with Vitek and the surprise night, which with the cake and dress were the three best things about the wedding. Thanks again, it was a show.

Praha, July 2017


We can recommend the services of the Dance for All team to everyone. The instructor Vítek was very professional from the beginning, fulfilling all our wishes regarding the first dance and at the same time adding his ideas. The learning process was stress-free, at a pace that suited two non-scholars like us Then at the wedding, thanks to Vitek, the dance went exactly as it should have and was one of the main topics among the wedding guests for the rest of the day. It was really worth it!

Praha, August 2016


The first newlywed dance is an important part of almost every wedding. Since my husband and I wanted to show off in front of our guests and give them a little surprise, we decided to enlist the help of a dance instructor. She taught us how to dance from basic steps to choreography to facial expressions. It only took three lessons and we were rolling around the dance floor like pros. It turned out great, our waltz combined with salsa was a great success and we really enjoyed the dance 🙂

Praha, July 2016


On the course we very much appreciated the personal approach, dedicated time and professional, but at the same time very friendly and pleasant leadership of all lessons. At the beginning we were afraid that 3 hours would not be enough, but thanks to you it was enough. I can’t say that my wife has already found her way to ballroom dancing, but at least she doesn’t exclude it completely, so maybe in the future we will meet again. It was great.

Praha, August 2015


From the wedding dance we (now with my husband) had a requirement that it was not just an “ordinary” crawl, but that it looked nice and our family and loved ones enjoyed it. Since my husband generally does not have a positive attitude towards dancing (he used to go to dance classes rather than dance classes ), it was necessary to adapt the dance to the music we chose, to create a nice choreography and to teach my somewhat plankish dear half all the variations during two dance lessons. Vítek and Kristýna managed to do all this. They were amazing at adapting the wedding dance to our abilities, the lessons with them were also fun and our family and loved ones were very pleasantly surprised at our wedding. Thank you!

Praha, July 2015


We would like to thank our dance instructor Kristyna who taught us a beautiful newlywed waltz and as a surprise for the evening we chose jjive. We have to say that everything had a great response, especially the jive, everybody was watching it and they were still coming up to us all night saying how amazing it was. All of you who are deciding whether or not to choose a couple of lessons with a professional dancer, I just recommend it, it will definitely pay off and you will be stars all night long… is not every day after all 🙂 A big thank you to Christine for her patience and steady nerves that she experienced with us at times. Thanks so much and I wish Kristyna and her partner a lot of dancing success, they are truly amazing!

Praha, July 2015


We are still excited about the wedding dance. Even though it was our first dance performance, so we couldn’t help the shivering and small mistakes, it was breathtaking for everyone and really something no one expected. I even feel that the courage to embark on the sinful dance, the familiar movie tune and most importantly, the fact that we both had a great time during our wedding dance, set off a great dance party for the whole evening. No one wanted to believe that it only took 3 lessons to prepare and practice the choreography. Thank you again very much! Working with you made our wedding dance one of the highlights of our wedding.

Praha, August 2014


We would like to thank you for the great preparation for our first wedding dance. Your choice of dance, choreography and music was great (as was your ability to teach us in such a short time), we had a great time and others praised us for the most fun first dance they had seen.

Praha, August 2014


The course was shorter but intense and helped us gain confidence. The way of teaching was friendly, in a few lessons we put together a routine and learned some basic steps that we will use in the future. We would definitely recommend our friends and acquaintances to take the course.

Praha, July 2014