Reviews – StarDance Day


I enjoyed the whole day as much as possible, the lecturer Matěj Svoboda is very nice and empathetic, he explains everything beautifully, gradually adds steps so that everyone can handle it. And if we don’t, we correct our mistakes or find out under Matej’s guidance why it doesn’t work…  ? And suddenly it works ? Endless patience, jokes and good humor. I really appreciate how precisely, yet gracefully and wittily the dances were drilled into my head and feet.
Marie Krupová, December 2019


I participated in the Stardance Day and I can only recommend it! I had a perfect day and hopefully took something away My nervousness left me as soon as I arrived thanks to the friendly attitude of the lecturers and the pleasant atmosphere. Huge thanks to my dancer Matěj, thanks to whom I not only danced beautifully, but also had fun. We agreed on 3 dances where we discussed technique and learned the routine. I definitely did not dance for the last time, I will be happy to come back again. Thank you!
Praha, November 2019


I have been to your school for the second time and again I have to appreciate the professionalism, energy and patient approach of the lecturer. I really thank you for the many tips on dancing technique, even though I dance just for fun, I am grateful for every piece of information. Dancing brings positive energy to life and once you have experienced the euphoria of dancing, you cannot be without it. Thanks to your classes, many of us are fulfilling our childhood dreams. Thank you once again and I wish you much well being in life.
Praha, October 2019


For my birthday I received a voucher from my daughter “One DayStar Dance”. I went to the “D” day worried about what to expect and who would be my dancer. I was greeted by a friendly, nice young man Pavel Strnad.After a few dance steps my nervousness fell away and I enjoyed it immensely thanks to Pavel. Once again, I thank Pavel very much for his tolerance to my performance and I look forward to my next birthday present in the form of a dance voucher :D.
Praha, March 2019


A gift in the form of an unknown experience,which I wished for,because I admired the participants in Stardance, was in front of me. I had a strange feeling of anticipation and apprehension,how the day would go. I was looking forward to and eager to make the most of the time all to myself! I chose to practice my dances, the tango and the samba. I have hardly ever seen tango in practice and I like samba, but I have never danced it as a couple. I tried to pick up all the well-meaning advice from a professional who came up with two dance routines for me, which we practiced. I was pleased to have the dance master’s attention and then pleased that the routines were successful and I mastered them. Thanks to Vitek Rázek for the friendly atmosphere in the hall, for his encouragement and patience to teach me something new!
Praha, January 2018


Becoming a star dancer for one day is definitely a great experience. I definitely highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a new dance or just have a good dance with a professional dancer. Since I’ve only been through basic dance before, I was a little intimidated. But I was pleasantly surprised by the very friendly attitude, the relaxed atmosphere and the patience with which the teacher tried to explain everything to me again and again. There is definitely no need to worry about being ridiculed when something goes wrong. For me, it was a pleasant day, where I laughed a lot and hopefully learned something new. Dancing for 6 hours is quite demanding, my feet were pretty sore in the evening, but anyway it was worth it.

Praha, December 2017