Reviews – Dance courses


My partner, Margaret, and I had many dance lessons with Kristyna in 2021 and 2023; covering four classical and three Latin dances; plus jive.
Kristyna is a wonderful teacher – Knowledgeable, patient, forgiving of our many mistakes, and encouraging.
We then used our new skills to go to public dances on Fridays and Saturday evenings – Just what we had wished to be able to do. 🙂

Prague, February 2024


The 3-hour dance class with Vítek was very pleasant and excellently conducted. It went by quickly, I would dance all day. Thank you We will definitely be in touch again.

Prague, May 2023


Both the lecturer Marie and Zuzka are fantastic, I am still trying out the video made by Zuzka.
It was good, I could have started about a month ago, my break will seem endless to you, I think it’s been 40 years since I started dancing, then it was just hanging around.
I would like to thank everyone for their friendly dealings, quick response already with deadlines, it was professional.

Prague, February 2023


Dear Ms. Mücková, I wish you a nice day and at least I am writing additionally how the prom turned out. The beginning of the dance for the parents was a little confused: the daughter took me, they announced a waltz, but they started playing the blues, then they put a waltz and finally a waltz. My daughter was happy that we managed it all! Thank you very much!

Prague, February 2023


After about ten years, I decided to try to brush up on the basics of dance, filled with several dance courses in my youth, and I took a three-hour dance lesson. I would like to thank Vojta for his professional leadership, helpful behavior and perceptive, motivating approach. It was a very pleasant morning for me, from which I took away the desire to start dancing a little again, because it is simply worth it 😉

Thank you for the experience and have a good time.

Prague, April 2023


A few years ago, I found a voucher for individual dance lessons under the Christmas tree. It was then that my husband and I had the idea that we would like to improve in standard dances, especially the waltz. In dance courses for the general public, we were overwhelmed by the number of dance figures, but without the feeling that we were moving in the dances. At individual lessons led by dance masters Kristýna Mücková and Vítek Rázek, we started again from the first steps. Thanks to him, we gradually penetrated to the deeper details of the standard dance technique. Gradually, our friends joined us. We met new people of all ages for whom dance has become a lifelong passion. It’s been 4 years and we’re still going. Dancing has become a part of our life, our common partnership activity, which we like to recommend to other couples. It’s a really beautiful opportunity to actively spend time together moving and still learning new things.

Prague, April 2020


My husband and I were looking for a joint sport and ended up dancing together. We tried classical dance classes for adults, but after three levels there we found out that it wasn’t right for us. We wanted to continue, but certainly not with a group course, we were looking for an individual approach, and our dance teacher Vladimír fully fulfilled it. Not only do we enjoy dancing, but we also have Wednesdays together, the two of us, our two friends and Vladimir. We are moving “step by step”, we are honing our technique and most of all we are really enjoying it. I think that if we hadn’t found Vladimir, our dance “Wednesdays” would have ended a long time ago. We can warmly recommend it to everyone, because it is not only fun, but also a lot of hard work and at the same time a perfect partner therapy.

Prague, October 2019


It started with the gift voucher and now we have been dancing for several years. Lessons are fun. Thanks to Vítek and Kristý for your patience.

Prague, October 2019


I found the dance school for everyone by surfing the Internet, looking for a suitable solution to the situation when we wanted to learn to dance, but I did not have free afternoons or evenings on weekdays when regular classes are held in other dance schools. I can’t go to regular courses, my atypical working hours don’t allow it. I was met with a kind and professional attitude. I didn’t remember anything about dancing, I consider myself a piece of wood. During a few courses, I learned the basic steps of the most common dances. I am no longer afraid of the dance floor, where I could not step. I understood how much fun dancing can be.

Praha, November 2018


I received a gift voucher for a dance lesson with a dance master for my birthday. I wasn’t sure if it was a very good idea, even though I have loved dance in all its forms since childhood. I imagined how I, who am not used to my partner’s guidance, would fight with an experienced dancer, step on his dancing shoes or cause other harm. Nevertheless, I decided to make an appointment and stop dealing with my concerns. And I did well. If I had known how pleasant an hour I would spend with you, Vítka, I would not have delayed ordering the lessons.
You chose waltz first, which was an excellent choice. Thanks to your guidance, I experienced a wonderful uplifting feeling on the dance floor that I will never forget. The basic steps and a few small figures we danced together put all my earlier fears to rest. I just enjoyed dancing in the arms of such a skilled and experienced dancer and just floated across the floor. It was the same with the second dance – the jive. After explaining the basic figures, I also enjoyed this dance. In short, I am very happy that I used this gift voucher with this extraordinary experience and I would like to thank you very much for arranging it.

Praha, September 2018


Before a big social event during the Christmas holidays, I was desperately searching for help on the Internet and accidentally clicked on the “Dance for Everyone” link. After sending the question, I was pleased with the almost immediate response of Mgr. We arranged Rázka and the first dance class right after the New Year. The slogan on the website “The hardest dance step is the first” really rang true for me. Vítek Rázek, however, with his sensitive approach and gentle humor, helped me overcome many years of fear of dance movement and after several individual lessons he was able to get my friend to dance as well and get us excited for further dance meetings. In the end, Vítek Rázek and Kristýna Mücková accepted our invitation, and thanks to them, the originally dreaded Big Ball became a nice social event for us. Thank you very much!

Praha, June 2017


I have been attending individual dance classes for more than a year. I enjoy it very much. With Vítek Rázek, I easily overcame even the initial shyness stemming from the fact that I came as a complete beginner. His approach is friendly and pleasant, and a dance class is always a way to diversify my week.
After just a few hours, the first results were visible, which is something to say about me, who is not particularly talented in dancing. It can be seen that with good guidance, anyone can really start dancing.

Praha, September 2016


We took one class for the exam and stayed the whole year. We really like the dance lessons. We appreciate the sensitive way of leading, the possibility to adapt the content of the lesson to the current needs or mood, and above all, the enormous patience. It’s a great way to unwind, stretch your body and learn something new that can be useful in your social life../span>