„Nejtěžší taneční krok je ten první. ZAČÍT.“

D. I. Pisarev



  • head lecturer of dance school and dance club
  • teacher of social dance, wedding dances, Pro-Am, experience lessons
  • wheelchair dance instructor, Anti-Aging Dance courses
  • European Championship finalist and champion of the Czech Republic showdance, winner of the dance league, vice-champion of the Czech Republic in standard dances
  • holder of the highest coaching and judging license


Allow me to share with you a very pleasant experience from Sunday, which I literally danced my way through. I received dance training with a professional dancer as a gift from my husband.
My dance coach was Mr. Vítek Rázek, who, with his pleasant and professional demeanor, proved that I thoroughly enjoyed the dance. I wish every woman could experience this. And you don’t have to worry that you may not have the rhythm or aptitude. You will enjoy it.


I have been working with Vítek Rázek for the second year. For me, individual dance lessons represent the fulfillment of my dream. Vítek is not only a great professional and an excellent teacher. It is important to me that he has a pleasant, gallant demeanor and radiates a positive, warm energy. He is not superior and can share his dancing skills with grace. Lessons with Vítek bring me a lot of joy, even though my whole body often hurts. I thank Vítka that I can fulfill my dream even at a later age.


Before a big social event during the Christmas holidays, I was desperately searching for help on the Internet and accidentally clicked on the “Dance for Everyone” link. After sending my inquiry, I was pleased with the almost immediate response from Master Rázek, and we arranged the first dance lesson right after the New Year. The slogan on the website “The hardest dance step is the first” really rang true for me. Vítek Rázek, however, with his sensitive approach and gentle humor, helped me overcome many years of fear of dance movement and after several individual lessons he was able to get my friend to dance as well and get us excited for further dance meetings.


I have been attending individual dance classes for more than a year. I enjoy it very much. With Vítek Rázek, I easily overcame even the initial shyness stemming from the fact that I came as a complete beginner. His approach is friendly and pleasant, and a dance class is always a way to diversify my week.

After just a few hours, the first results were visible, which is something to say about me, who is not particularly talented in dancing. It can be seen that with good guidance, anyone can really start dancing.


I have been taking ballroom dance lessons from Vitek for almost a year. He has excellent teaching skills: he is not only patient but also focuses on attention to details. The lessons have a very good atmosphere thanks to Vitek’s professionalism, friendliness and great sense of humour.
Overall, I definitely recommend Vitek and Kristyna in case you want to take fun and quality dance lessons.



Vítek is not only a great dancer, but also a very capable and patient coach. His approach to learning is such that he doesn’t push me to do anything, but at the same time he doesn’t allow me to go beyond my capabilities and thanks to this approach he helps me to keep improving. The classes have a relaxed atmosphere and I always look forward to them again. Thanks to the lessons with Vítek, I can reach my potential in dance, step by step. Vítek pays attention to the correct use of the body and individual muscles so that the dance is beneficial to health and sustainable in the long term. Toned muscles, proper posture and overall better coordination are a pleasant bonus to dancing.



We attended a wedding dance lesson with teacher Vítek. I would like to thank you, we really liked the lesson, he put together a beautiful simple choreography for our song. He took into account the place where the dance will take place, the wedding dress, the choice of song and our dancing options. We were worried about the wedding dance, now we are looking forward to it.



The 3-hour dance class with Vítek was very pleasant and excellently conducted. It went by quickly, I would dance all day. Thank you We will definitely be in touch again.



We chose the dance school for the wedding dance course and were absolutely delighted with the approach of our lecturer Mr. Rázek. My partner and I had no experience with dancing at all. With Mr. Rázek, it was a piece of cake, he is incredibly pleasant, he always cheered us up with his incredible energy. Even after the crash course, we managed our wedding dance with incredible brilliance. With this, we want to thank Mr. Rázka once again for teaching us something wonderful even in such a short time, thank you ❤️ So if you are considering attending this course, I can recommend it to you with a pure heart, you will be delighted🥰



  • head lecturer of dance school and dance club
  • teacher of social dance, wedding dances, Pro-Am, experience lessons
  • European Championship finalist and champion of the Czech Republic showdance, winner of the dance league, vice-champion of the Czech Republic in standard dances
  • holder of the highest coaching and judging license


After a crash course in dance for my daughter’s graduation ball, I decided to continue with “dance” and I approached the School of Dance with a request to continue with female instructors.
To my surprise, Mrs. Kristýna Mücková offered me a lesson directly. Considering her professional achievements, I must say that I was surprised but pleased and we agreed to continue the lessons every week.

What would I say about our one-year dance coexistence – Mrs. Kristýna Mücková’s professionalism, human approach and great patience combined with dance insight is truly amazing. I am glad that a year ago I chose the dance school of Ms. Kristýna Mücková and Mr. Vítěslav Rázek on the Internet.

The whole concept of their work is written in the name “Dance School for Everyone”, it’s nice that these people introduce us to the “world of dance”.


We thank Kristýna Mücková for the beautiful wedding dance that she invented for us and helped us rehearse it. Despite the fact that we remembered to practice the dance not too long in advance, the communication was very nice and fast from the beginning. Mrs. Kristýna invented a dance for us to the music we chose and helped us rehearse the choreography. She filmed the dance for us on her phone, so we had something to practice at home. The resulting dance was a hit with the wedding guests and we really enjoyed it. Kristýna, thank you very much and we definitely recommend your services. We enjoyed not only the result, but also the lessons themselves. Thank you


I would like to thank you very much for the dance preparation for our wedding. We managed our first dance, so it’s true that we hesitated a bit there twice, probably out of nervousness or because we didn’t think much about it. But more than a perfect dance, we had a great time and danced for each other 🙂


Kristýna, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and my husband for your approach and your patience during wedding dance training. With your help, we, our family and friends could enjoy our wedding day even more.

Our dance, which we practiced with you, was a great success, even though you had to go through the very basics with us. The lessons with you were inspiring for us and thanks to them we gained a relationship with dance and we will continue with the lessons. Thank you very much and we look forward to it.


We have successfully completed the wedding and would like to thank you for the dance lessons (specifically, it was the cha-cha to the song “You’re the first, my last, my everything” by Barry White). Miss Kristýna willingly repeated with us the forgotten complete basics of dancing from the basic steps, during the three teaching hours she added other elements that were proportional to our dancing abilities and the time we had until the wedding. At the wedding, our dance was a success and we had no choice but to admit that we didn’t really think up and practice the choreography ourselves.


A big thank you to Kristyna, our trip from London was made all the more special by her patient and meticulous attention to detail, particularly our posture and frame – we learned so much and have lots of things to work on. An excellent lesson and an excellent teacher!



Fantastic. I give it five stars out of five. I’ve taken two group dance classes in my life and never really learned anything. But then I experienced 10 individual dance lessons with Kristýna Mücková and the turning point happened. For the first time, we really learned something and he had a lot of fun on top of that. It was just fun all of a sudden. So, to sum up: Kristýna is fantastic, she can teach, lead, inspire and the environment is very pleasant. I have nothing to complain about. On the contrary, I can only personally recommend the courses at tanecprovsechny.cz. Thank you for a wonderful time and for all the new things I can finally do 🙂 Five stars ***** and a big THANK YOU.



We have a great experience with practicing the first dance for the wedding and Ms. Kristýna. From zero experience, we learned the entire dance with choreography in two 3-lessons.



We want to thank you very much. With this choreography, you fulfilled our wishes and expectations to the letter! Now we’ll just have to learn🤔😁



  • lecturer of social dance, wedding dances, Pro-AM and experiential lessons
  • holder of class A in standard dances and class A in Latin American dances
  • certified trainer III. classes at SUT
  • vice-champion of the Czech Republic in figure waltz


I train with Vojta Pardubský for the “Senior Stardance” competition. Every time we meet, I am excited about him. I am quite skeptical about my dancing abilities, but Vojta showed me that nothing is impossible! It gives me determination and can get more dancing out of me than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to the next lesson!



After about ten years, I decided to try to brush up on the basics of dance, filled with several dance classes in my youth, and I took a three-hour dance lesson. I would like to thank Vojta for his professional leadership, helpful behavior and perceptive, motivating approach. It was a very pleasant morning for me, from which I took away the desire to start devoting myself to dancing again, because it is simply worth it. 😉



I would like to take this opportunity to thank your lecturer Vojta 🙂 We had several wedding dance lessons with him, the last one last week. The wedding is already over and thanks to his guidance, we managed the dance well. I would especially like to thank him for his attitude – even though we were definitely not exemplary students and had no time at all for training, he patiently attended to us in every lesson, always went through the dance with us again and gave very stimulating advice and tips on how to make the dance more beautiful and natural . The lineup was great – even if it was a bit of a challenge with the siding 🙂
We will be happy to recommend your school, we were completely satisfied.
Thank you once again.



  • lecturer of social dance, wedding dances, Pro-AM and experiential lessons
  • teacher of children’s dance courses
  • holder of class A in standard dances and class A in Latin American dances
  • certified trainer III. classes at SUT
  • vice-champion of the Czech Republic in figure waltz


Dance studio in the center of Prague at an affordable price including a teacher, a great opportunity to learn to dance or to develop and practice what we already know. Thank you!


Both the lecturer Marie and Zuzka are fantastic, I am still trying out the video made by Zuzka.
It was good, I could have started about a month ago, my break will seem endless to you, I think it’s been 40 years since I started dancing, then it was just hanging around.
I would like to thank everyone for their friendly dealings, quick response already with deadlines, it was professional.



We were more than satisfied with the lecturer Zuzka, everything was perfect. We will definitely continue to recommend and there is not a single thing we would change so thank you!



  • teacher of social dance, wedding dances, Pro-Am and experience lessons


After more than 20 years after dancing, I “brushed up” the basic dance steps of ballroom dancing and for the first time in my life in the form of an individual course, and I must say that after one lesson you will learn more about the selected dance than during the entire class of classical dances in a mass group, where you individually no one notices.
I highly recommend overcoming the initial fear that someone will be watching you too closely… on the contrary, the course takes place in a small hall where you feel really private, for the first hour there was no one else there at all (later one other couple) just me, my girlfriend and teacher Valentina, who is focused, will use every minute of your time and, above all, transfer her enthusiasm for dance to you. I recommend.



We have already completed 3 double lessons with the lecturer Valentina and we are completely satisfied. This young lady has incredible patience and one feels with her that she can handle absolutely anything. I recommend! We look forward to the next lesson.



We very quickly decided on a wedding dance course. It was the best decision, because it was a great joy under the guidance of the lecturer Valentina Vajrauchová. Amazing approach and set-up according to our ideas. We recommend and thank you.



  • teacher of social dance, wedding dances, Pro-Am, experience lessons
  • holder of the highest national class “A” in standard dances


I have to recommend, perfect.
Lecturer Lucie came up with a beautiful first dance for our wedding during one shortened lesson and was able to teach us everything in that moment. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful moments of life. Thanks a lot.