Balls in Prague 

Make yourself happy and enjoy a classy evening of dancing. Every year we organize several dance balls and competitions for you. Come and dance with us.


Every year we organize several dances and competitions. Accept our invitation to one of our events, and let’s dance the night away together.


Tickets for our events can be purchased directly from us or our contractual partners.

BALL SEASON 2023/2024


Date: 2.12. 2023 from 7pm Venue: Žofín Palace, Slovanský ostrov 226, Prague 1 Lovers of dance and social entertainment can look forward to the performances of the winners of the StarDance dance competition, the Big Band in the large hall and the swing band in the small hall, the finals of the European Professional Standard Dance Championship, a fashion show and group salsa lessons by Jan Onder. A spacious dance floor will be available. Visitors will receive special care when buying a ticket to the so-called “dancing tables”, where professional dancers will take care of the dance steps of the visitors and will not let them sit for long. So even if someone comes to the ball alone, they will dance the night away. A banquet and beverage package can be purchased with individual tickets. Dress code: black tie optional.


Date: 13th 2024 from 9am- 11pm. Venue: Grand Hotel Bohemia, Králodvorská 4, Prague 1 Dance competition for children, junior, adult and senior dance couples. Dance couples of the highest national level, including beginner couples, will perform. Preliminary competition schedule:
  • Saturday- SUT Solo Dance competition
  • Sunday – Pro-Am competitions