Tanec pro všechny – ballroom dance school in Prague

Dance is the beautiful art of movement that brings joy and satisfaction. We would love to introduce you to this wonderful world of new feelings and experiences.


Are you interested in performances from the Stardance TV show? You can try first-hand what one day of diligent training under the guidance of a professional coach is like. The course is intended for all lovers of dance and is suitable as an original dance gift. Pro-Am courses are a possible continuation.


If you are getting ready for your wedding and you want to enjoy your first dance, look no further. Make it an unforgettable experience not only for yourself, but also for your guests. An experienced choreographer will prepare a tailor-made classic wedding dance or an original and entertaining show based on your wishes and selected music.


If you are not able to attend regular dance courses because of time constraints or if you would like to indulge in an individual and intensive approach, this is for you. We offer individual dance lessons where your dance teacher will not only guarantee quick improvement of your dance skills but can also offer a personal approach with time flexibility.


Are you organizing a ball or a themed company party and want create a lively dancing atmosphere? We can offer you dance shows by European Championship finalists and Czech Ballroom Champions, classic demonstrations of Ballroom and Latin-American dances, or multi couple performances. These are guaranteed to liven any social event.


Kurzy jsou orientované na cizince hovořící anglickým jazykem. Připravujeme je po taneční stránce na firemní a jiné večírky. Vyučujeme všechny společenské tance, které se nejen v našich zemích tancují.

We offer ballroom dance classes for foreigners. Click the button below for more information.


The main goal of our dance school “Tanec pro všechny” is to develop and promote ballroom dancing at all levels. Our first effort is to make ballroom dancing accessible to the widest possible field of people interested in this beautiful art.

Thanks to our many years of experience and a team of instructors, we are now engaged in sports, recreational and therapeutic forms of ballroom dancing. We have established a sports club, organized dance competitions and we teach courses for individuals, couples, and groups. We look forward to seeing you as well.


Our Projects

All our services financially support the projects that are listed below. Within the last year, we have recorded several successfully completed projects: funding for wheelchair dancing, free courses for children in OC Letňany, open classes for the general public and events for Children’s Day. If any of the projects described below appeal to you, we will be happy for your feedback, and we thank you in advance for any support.

Donated funding70%

Dance Against Aging

The project deals with slowing the progression of Alzheimer’sdisease. It builds on foreign studies that show that dance leads to a complex involvement of both hemispheres and their functional interconnection. This slows down the progression. Alzheimer’s disease affects the emotional center last and therefore dance has the potential to be a successful connection tool.

Wheelchair Dancing

Together with SKV Prague, we are the first in the Czech Republic to launch a wheelchair dancing – Para Dance Sport. We organize the first competition and raise the first dancing couples. In this project we are looking for support for teaching new instructors and dance partners. We have already managed to raise funds for a dance wheelchair, which will be used in courses where our instructors teach.

StarDance for Seniors

In cooperation with SenSen and Charta 77 Foundation, we launched the Senior StarDance project, in which we selected 10 of the 50 applicants. Under the guidance of professional dance partners, they learn one choreography, which they will show during the grand final at Žofin palace. We are looking for support for financing dance lessons, instructors, make-up.