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Our Dance School for All (Škola tance pro všechny) is fully dedicated to social and sports dance in Prague. It differs from other schools by focusing on private lessons for couples and individuals. The teaching team is led by the finalists of the European Championship of Professionals and Czech Showdance Champions, the winners of the Czech Dance League Kristýna Mücková and Vítězslav Rázek.

Thanks to many years of experience and an excellent team of dance teachers, they are now engaged in sports, recreational and therapeutic forms of ballroom dancing. They founded a sports club, organise dance competitions and teach courses to individuals, couples and groups of all ages.


All our services are involved in financing projects that you will find here. In the last year, we have recorded several successfully completed projects: for example, a collection for a dance wheelchair, dance courses for children in OC Letňany, dance halls for the public and events for Children’s Day. If any of the projects described below appeal to you, we will be happy for your feedback and thank you in advance for any support.



The project deals with slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It builds on foreign studies that show that dance leads to a complex involvement of both brain hemispheres and their functional interconnection. According to the research, this slows down the progression of the disease. The disease affects the emotional center last, and therefore dance has the potential to be a successful means of communication.





Together with SKV Prague (Prague Wheelchair Sports Club), we are the first in the Czech Republic to start wheelchair dancing services. We have so far organised our first competition and have been training Czech Republic’s the first wheelchair dancing couples. In this project we are looking for support for teaching new instructors and dance partners. We have already managed to raise funds for a wheelchair for dancing, which will be used in courses where our instructors teach.


In cooperation with SenSen and the Charter 77 Foundation, we launched the Senior StarDance project, where we selected 10 of the 50 applicants. The jury was familiar faces from the StarDance competition.