Elsa’s Kingdom of Ice


30 minute lessons full of dancing and interaction with Elsa from Frozen!

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    Your child can expect 30 minutes of dancing with Elsa including music from the popular Disney movie, “Frozen”. Lessons begin with a warm-up after which Elsa teaches children an exciting dance. The lesson is aimed at children 5-9 years old and incorporates dance, music and an exciting atmosphere. These are connected by live interaction with the fairy-tale character who ensures that your child will do her best. We recommend experiencing each lesson at least twice so the kid can learn the choreography, enjoy interactivity and get to know our teachers better.

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    Dance Teacher

    Alina Kozar as Elsa from Frozen




    DanceTime Team

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will my child do during the lesson?
    Our professional dance teacher / favourite fairy tale character will communicate with your child and other children. The lesson begins with warm-up and a short game, followed by teaching a simple dance to your favorite fairy tale songs. In the end, the children stretch.
    How do we ensure that this is a safe environment?
    Our specially trained staff is obliged to check all participants who take part in the event using their videos. For this reason, we require that all participants turn on their cameras and that their children are clearly visible.
    Where do the lessons take place?
    Lessons take place on the ZOOM platform. After paying for the lesson, you will receive not only a tax document, but also a link to register for the lesson. Then just click on the link and you will be automatically admitted to the virtual lesson room.
    How many children can attend the lessons?
    Admission to the lesson is always valid for one child only. In case more children will dance in front of one screen, we will ask you to pay an adequate number of entrance fees for the lesson. Our professional team invests not only time, but also considerable funds, so that this project can bring joy to as many children as possible. Therefore, we kindly ask to respect this rule.