Dance Club

Dance club led by the champions of the Czech Republic, open to all interested in the sports form of ballroom dancing.
We offer courses for couples from dance to courses for master couples. Join us!


Our dance club is dedicated to sports dance for children, youth, adults and seniors. The whole team of lecturers, who always specialize in individual age and performance categories, is ready to take care of you. We dance in 3 halls in Prague. In addition to the mirror hall and the large hall in Prosek, classes also take place in two halls in the center of Prague. What sports dance courses are waiting for you?

  • Youth, beginners and intermediate
  • Children 6-12 years old teaching sports dance
  • Competitive pairs of Latin American dances
  • Standard Dance Competition Pairs
  • Solo girls and girls synchro couples for

How much does it cost with us? Membership fees for the year CZK 200 , sports according to the type of program, eg basic program (2 seminars / week, access to the hall every day, 1 concentration) 2950 CZK

Where do the courses take place? Gymnasium Gymnázia Českolipská (Prague 9), gymnasium Na Zbořenci 7 (Prague 2) and ZŠ Resslova (Prague 2).

Can I come alone? Yes, we’d love to meet you and help you find a partner.

Is it right for me? If you’re worried about whether you’re fit to dance, know that if dancing brings you joy now, there’s no reason to worry about it. As our motto reads: “The hardest dance step is the first. Get started.


What makes our dance club different?

Our methods

  • We practice certified exercises that straighten everyone out.
  • Our tutors are specialists, so you’ll have fun with them.
  • We implement many interesting projects in which you will learn a lot.

Our achievements

  • More than 200 dancers have already passed through our school
  • Our students place in the finals of prestigious dance competitions
  • Every month we organize dance camps for intensive training
  • We have already trained several vice-champions of the Czech Republic, winners of the ranking of the Czech Republic and finalists of large domestic competitions

We will teach you to move healthily and dance beautifully!


Vítězslav Rázek

  • Head teacher of a dance school and dance club
  • Standard Dance Instructor
  • Member of the National Coaching Board in 2020
  • European Championship finalist and champion of the Czech Republic showdance, winner of the dance league, vice-champion of the Czech Republic in standard dances
  • Holds the highest coaching and jury license

Kristýna Mücková

  • Head teacher of a dance school and dance club
  • Club Events and Training Coordinator
  • standard dance teacher
  • European finalist and showdance champion of the Czech Republic, winner of the dance league, vice-champion of the Czech Republic in standard dances
  • Holds the highest coaching and jury license

Alina Kozar

  • teacher of synchro dance, basic Latin-American dance
  • teacher of social dance, wedding dances
  • Dance League finalist, international class holder


How to apply?

Do one of the following:

  • Follow us on FB and attend our recruitment class
  • Write to us and come to the “exam” for our regular seminar
  • Write to us and arrange an individual meeting

What if I don’t have a dance partner ?:

  • Nothing is happening, come to the first meeting yourself, we’d love to meet you
  • We are actively looking for dance partners for club members
  • In 95% of cases, we found a partner, we will find you

You’ll have fun with us!