Ballroom Dance – References


The wedding dance course was clear, fast and yet efficient, wich is good for a dance to prepare in emergency! I was a bit worried at the begining that 2 sessions would not be enough but I was surprised how smooth and fast it went. It was also great that you adapted to all the specificities of our situation.

Prague, August 2018


A big thank you to Kristyna, our trip from London was made all the more special by her patient and meticulous attention to detail, particularly our posture and frame - we learned so much and have lots of things to work on. An excellent lesson and an excellent teacher!

Prague, March 2019


I recommend Kristyna and Kristina's partners enormously! They are flexible for all levels of the knowledge from the very beginning. They take your self safely through the steps and the techniques. Kristyna and Kristyna's partners are permanently developing the knowhow from the world champions. So they can take you through the specific matters. I make this team as a recommendation to you even if you would like to dance a very special dance on the event coming, or if it is gives you a more pleasure to know to dance in the salsa club, or if this lovely knowledge simply attracts you. They are able to adapt to the different students as is needed. They use many ways how to past the information over. They can teach you in many languages. They are presenting all the types of dances from the ballroom dancing and from the Latin dancing of the European style and of the American smut as well. At all the time I have got an extremely good experience to learn from them!

Prague, January 2018


Kristyna and Vladimir are dedicated and great dance teachers. We truly enjoy our dancing lessons because they teach carefully and take time to know who their students are, what they need to help in, and how they learn best. They teach you how to dance each section fully, support, and motivate you. Kristyna and Vladimir know the teaching line of being kind and understanding as well as being demanding as necessary. This is the way to move further and improve in every single dancing class.

Prague, August 2017


We are very happy that we found Kristyna to help us prepare for our wedding dance. It was not an easy task to make a choreography for us because in our wedding party we had a very small dancing area. Also, the song that we chose was a bit tricky: very slow and only suitable for rumba. But Kristyna managed very well and she had good ideas on how to guide us. Although we are no the biggest dancing talents then we learned her choreography very fast. She really knows what she is doing. Finally, our wedding dance was a big success raising a lot of interest in our unmarried friends who may need some dance classes in the future 😉

Prague, January 2017


Vitek and Kristyna know their stuff! They are CZ National Champions, and they are both qualified as high-level judges. As a bonus, they are also very nice and make the dance lessons enjoyable. I started with them as a beginner (in my 40s), but have enjoyed it so much that Vitek and I are now entering Pro-Am dance competitions together. I am still in awe that I am being taught by such amazing dancers.

Prague, April 2017